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Written by on August 18, 2021

Jan’s 1970’s music faves, year by year.

What inspired the JanCave Jukebox show?

Well two obvious things – firstly the fact the JanCave is an actual real room in our actual real house. Secondly,  in said room I do have an actual real Jukebox. A beautiful, working, 1971 pink Rowe Ami Cadette with original parts and I absolutely treasure it.

It will come as no surprise that a vast proportion of the 7″ singles that are in the jukebox are from the 1970s. That decade is really where my heart lies I think (with a tiny bit of the beginning of the 1980s). The reason being probably that is probably when I did most of my 7″ single buying (as a carefree school student with pocket money and no rent to pay yet!).

So the premise is simple : I’ve taken each year of the 1970s in turn and chosen the songs I love from that particular year. They may not always be the obvious hits from the given year but they would have been on heavy rotation on my record player or cassette player, and today a lot of them are in my real jukebox, and so still played regularly.

Join me every week at 7pm for an hour of nostalgia, great music and the odd Womble or two …..

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