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Gilesy / Contributor

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Gilesy has been involved in radio on and off for many years and in different countries (please don’t mention anything around deportation, he does not like to speak about it).

He came up with the Old Skool Mixtape during one drunk weekend in lockdown no1, retired it during one drunk weekend in lockdown no2 and has relaunched it in…..yep….one drunk weekend in lockdown no3. Lockdown has not been kind to his liver When Gilesy is not on air during the winter months he plays a lot of Call of Duty Warzone with his multiple kids all over the world and keeps wondering why he has no time to do anything like DIY, even though he never leaves the house.

In Summer he mainly lies in his blow-up hot tub in the garden scaring the neighbours. He likes toast, cheese and beer, all in that order

Join Gilesy on the Old Skool Mixtape Show. Two hours of the best RNB, Hip-hop, Dance and Garage. If its an Anthem, this show will be playing itMr