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Headstone Horrors New Album

Written by on May 30, 2023

Punks Not Dead Radio Show is fast becoming the ‘place’ to discover and listen to the very latest Punk Rock from the UK & Worldwide.

It truly is one hell of a stage on which to play.

This accolade has spawned a need to review and critique these discoveries so in view of this fact … welcome to this weeks Punk-tastic Recommendation – the Headstone Horrors New Album !

New Album

HEADSTONE HORRORS have just released their new album. A self titled 10 track effort.

If you haven’t heard them before then … give your head a wobble and go discover!!

Hailing from Nottingham & Northants, this 5 piece unit delivers a fast paced punk-a-billy, high energy show which … in my opinion … epitomises the level of entertainment on offer today!

When a band emerges into this rabid music industry, which these guys did in 2012, it is essential that you quickly secure your unique style and sound. Headstone Horrors have done just that … in spades!!

So ….onto the album


Standout Tracks

Side 1 – Track 1

I Want To Be An Alien —- start as you mean to go on, that was my immediate thought, as the fuse is well and truly lit!! A drum beat of biblical proportion will cause an instant foot tap. Nat establishes her vocal dominance early. And .. although lasting just a wedge over 2 minutes, you soon get a feel to what they are all about.

The Beat Goes On …..

The heavy rumble of the bass begins and the urge to ‘Resist’ becomes a little harder. To Lighten the Weight of Their Greed was released as the ‘tempter’ and, although I get why … it wouldn’t have been my choice (oh and without ‘blowing too much smoke’ – thats about as negative as it gets)

From Earth to Sky

The truth is undoubtably that to create a good 12 inches is an achievement and for it to also contain variation is rare. There are most definitely some welcome swerves within yet … there is no doubt who you are listening to!!

Silence Loves My Company

Never a truer statement ay! Love this track and the melodic tones ring loud.


Headstone Horrors – LIVE

I had the pleasure in seeing these guys perform in the town of Stafford. 

They were support band for the night but a real eye opening pleasure so doing this review … has obviously been rather easy! 

That being said —— my advice to you is …

Check Em Out, and I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t worth your time 

Check out Headstone Horrors on Bandcamp HERE   – follow them on Facebook HERE

Oi Oi     –  Tone 🧷

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